French By Phone | Frequently Asked Questions
Learn and practice your French language skills over the phone or by Skype with an experienced native speaker. Schedule your private French lessons to fit your goals and timetable.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it really possible to learn French over the telephone?
Yes, indeed. My courses are ideal for intermediate or advanced French students, and offer several surprising advantages over a traditional course where you are meeting face to face. Speaking French over the phone ensures that you concentrate 100% on the language and pronunciation. Each conversation is personalized and private: you don’t have to worry about performing in a group lesson or being observed by others. My complete attention is directed to our conversation, which enables me to correct grammar and to suggest specific exercises according to the needs of each individual. Such a customized approach also provides clear measures to chart your progress each week. And we have fun while doing so–consider our time as talking with a friend.

What are other advantages of a course by telephone?
* The lessons are completely private, conducted in from a phone in your home or office–or wherever you are! You don’t lose time or money traveling to another location for a separate lesson
* You gain a ‘French coach’ who is completely on your side: a teacher who encourages you and helps you progress to achieve your personal goals
* The lessons are completely confidential, so you can work on business or sensitive topics
* Scheduling is flexible according to your schedule each week

Who can benefit from these French lessons by phone?
* Business executives who must improve their knowledge of French for work in a global environment or for upcoming international meetings
* Travelers who are planning a trip to a French-speaking country
* Learners who wish to improve their knowledge of French culture, whether simply for pleasure or for future travel plans
* Students who must pass French oral exams
* Former French students who wish to re-start in the language, and learn in a fun, new way
* Potential employees for French-speaking firms abroad or in France
* Students who are preparing to study in France
* Anyone who wishes to stimulate their brain or learn another language: it’s never too late!

What is your professional experience?
My name is Jacqueline Doiron. I am a native of Belgium. I grew up in the French speaking part of Belgium and lived in Strasbourg France for 4 years. I received my masters degree from the University of Louvain in Belgium. I have been teaching French professionally since 1996. During the 1990s, I gave private French lessons in Brussels, Belgium to government officials and multinational executives, either in their offices or my home. Since moving to Maine in 2001, I have taught French at all levels and ages, from beginner to advanced learners. I have conducted lessons with an immersion and playful approach that helps students at all levels feel confidence in their ability to learn and to improve. For three years I taught American children (8-11 years old) in a local public school, and in the meantime obtained my certification for university-level teaching in the U.S. All of these experiences and teaching environments have contributed to and enriched the development of the French-by-phone program.

How did you develop this approach?
I have been teaching students across the country by phone since 2003. Each half hour lesson is a complete French conversation, whether about everyday life, French culture, trips to France, favorite hobbies or business topics . Several of my students take the lessons to become more fluent in the specific vocabulary of their profession. During each lesson, I note corrections to grammar and expressions. At the end of the thirty minutes, I relay the corrections verbally to the student. I send written corrections to those students who select lessons with this added option. I also send, usually via email, appropriate vocabulary or grammar exercises when requested. Over the past five years I have continually refined the approach of helping students learn French over the phone. As the creator of this innovative method of improving one’s French, I have developed a unique approach that gets results– students speak French, stay involved year after year

How much do the lessons cost?
Each student receives a complimentary lesson for 30 minutes. We begin informally to discuss favorite topics and to feel comfortable talking over the phone. During this lesson I can evaluate your level of French and tailor the chat accordingly. Each 30-minute private lesson is $35, offered in a package of five lessons. If a student wishes to receive written corrections after the lesson, the cost is $45 per lesson.You can use the package of five lessons once a week, or as needed. If you must travel one week, you can reschedule at another day or time. I tailor each lesson to the needs of each individual. These lessons are competitively priced with other in-class lessons across the country.

What is the telephone number to call for each lesson?
I can be reached in Maine , USA at 207-730-7127. You will call this number at our designated lesson time and I will be waiting to begin our session.

Is it possible to take lessons with you via Skype?
Yes, lessons by Skype are possible.

What is the contact method for a free lesson?
Please use the contact form linked here.