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Learn and practice your French language skills over the phone or by Skype with an experienced native speaker. Schedule your private French lessons to fit your goals and timetable.
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jac-about-meI have been teaching French for 20 years.  I graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain and lived for four years in Strasbourg, France before relocating to Brussels.

While living in Brussels, I had my own language instruction business which offered private French courses to business executives, diplomats, and employees of the European Commission who needed to improve their proficiency for professional reasons.

Since moving to Maine in the United States in 2001, I have continued to offer courses to adults and children of all ages. I am a certified foreign language teacher and taught French for three years in an American public school.

Speaking and teaching French are not only professional activities for me, but personal ones as well. My husband and I raised our three adult sons bi-lingually and we enjoy staying up to speed with French culture through books, film and music.